EHP System V Tilt-Tower Tire Changer


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The EHP System V tire changer handles a wide range of high-performance wheel and tire assemblies, including low-profile and run-flat tires. Advanced features, such as pneumatic locking of the mount/demount head offset, provide maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels and significantly reduce the risk of wheel or tire damage. The tilt-tower provides maximum clearance for technicians when placing wheel and tire assemblies into position. Pneumatic bead assist is standard.



  • Optional Safety Restraint Arm -- Positively restrains wheel and tire assembly to the tire changer during the inflation process and reduces potential for injury in the unlikely event of wheel or tire failure.
  • Ergonimically-Positioned Bead Breaker Control -- Pedal is positioned away from the bead breaker with a guard, preventing the operator from accidentally stepping on and activating it while standing next to the bead breaker.
  • Integrated Pressure Limiter -- Stops air flow once pressure has reached 55 PSI (3.5 Bar), thereby preventing accidental tire over-inflation.
  • Adjustable Four-Jaw Clamp -- Self-centering nylon-covered clamps grip securely and protect the wheel. Reduced-angle jaws ensure no slippage. Air inflation jets assist bead seating.
  • Extra Wheel Protection -- Replaceable nylon inserts for demount heads prevent wheel scratching.
  • Twin-Cylinder Clamping -- Two powerful clamping cylinders provide uniform clamping pressure and increased clamping power.
  • Bead Breaker -- Provides precise power and can be toggled with the foot pedal as needed. Both the stiffest and the softest sidewalls are a snap. No damage to tires while loosening the bead.
  • Adjustable two-position bead breaker with robust, anti-skid contact pad and over-sized bead-breaking blade.
  • Pneumatic Bead Assist -- The standard Pneumatic Bead Assist features a three-piece design with a Top Roller, Pressing Foot, and Lifting Disc.



Tire diameter 47 maximum inch
Rim diameter 26 maximum outside clamping diameter inch
Rim width 16 maximum inch
Color Red
Power supply 120 1 Phase / 60 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 78 x 72 recommended floor space inch



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