Leak Tamer

USD $1,028.00


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"Smoke Machine" used to test Evaporative Emissions Systems! Put better technology and portability in your shop with OTC's new and improved smoke machine. 80% of top codes can be diagnosed with smoke technology. This unit is half the size of its predecessor, but twice as mighty with more powerful features.



  • UltraTrace UV® Dye -- the only OE approved solution.
  • Leak Tamer Unit.
  • White/UV Combination with Laser Pointer.
  • UV Glasses for viewing UltraTrace UV® dye.
  • Service Port Adapter.
  • Exhaust Adapter Cone.
  • Cap Plug Adapters.
  • Schrader® Removal/Installation Tool.
  • UltraTrace UV® Smoke-Producing Solution.