3000 Series Downdraft Paint Spray Booth



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Designed for maximum output, this full downdraft paint spray booth features Garmat's exclusive fan design and horizontally-mounted lighting package. Can be customized for any building constraint.



  • Garmat exclusive Dual Inlet Reverse Incline Centrifugal Fans on both intake and exhaust, providing the highest performance and best energy efficiency.
  • Horizontally-mounted light fixtures placed above and below the belt line for optimal and virtually shadow-free illumination.
  • Interior accessible four-tube light fixtures complete with T8 5000k color corrected tubes.
  • ETL-listed cabin constructed of dual skin white powder-coated galvanized steel, fully-insulated with solid horizontally-installed interlocking wall panels.
  • ETL listed industrial PLC control panel and mechanical, designed by Garmat to maximize efficiency.
  • Standard heated AMU features 80% recycle heated air in bake cycle for greater energy efficiency.
  • Three-row pit (6'7"wide) with heavy-duty, lightweight galvanized steel grates.
  • 6H Compliant.
  • 16,000 CFM / Intake 10 hp / Exhaust 10 hp.



280-30319-6 6-tube Light Fixture $0.25 Add to cart
280-30319-8 8-tube Light Fixture $0.25 Add to cart
280-30319-L LED Upgrade $0.25 Add to cart
280-99899 Reflectors $0.25 Add to cart
280-BASEMENT Above-ground basement $0.25 Add to cart
280-DRIVETHRU Drive-thru $0.25 Add to cart
280-LIGHTFIX Additional Light Fixtures $1,000.00 Add to cart
280-LIGHTFIX-6 Upgraded Six-Tube Light Fixtures $0.25 Add to cart
280-LIGHTFIX-8 Upgraded Eight-Tube Light Fixtures $0.25 Add to cart
280-SIDESERV Additional Side Service Doors $0.25 Add to cart



280-30307-G Upgraded Frontal $0.25 Add to cart
280-99397-42V Paint Booth Cabin Upgrade - Rounded Corners with Blowers $0.25 Add to cart
280-99837-42 Paint Booth Cabin Upgrade - Rounded Corners $0.25 Add to cart
280-ACCELE Accele-cure® Air Accelerator System $0.25 Add to cart
280-BLOWER-H Horizontally Mounted Blower System $0.25 Add to cart
280-BLOWER-V Vertically Mounted Blower System $0.25 Add to cart
280-Dolly Low-Profile Car Dolly for Track System Call for price Add to cart
280-Door Retrofittable Frontals - update your existing cabin with new doors $0.25 Add to cart
280-HANGER Parts Hanger $0.25 Add to cart
280-LitHeader Garmat Back Light Header $0.25 Add to cart
280-M041001 Hose Trolley $0.25 Add to cart
280-SideloadSystem Sideload Track System Call for price Add to cart