Volvo X9DC-2ADP-GYR On-car Brake Lathe Package

Pro Cut International LTD LLC
Made In The USA

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X9DC 2 Adapter Volvo on car lathe package. Includes G2X & GYR. DC powered lathe with variable speed.

The X9DC Validated Brake System is the most advanced on-car rotor match-machining solution available. Powerful enough for all wheel drive vehicles, yet precise enough to eliminate lateral run-out to less than .001" for factory spec. The quality of the surface finish is the best we've seen and is enhanced by variable speed and low maintenance gearbox and cutting head package. Save the Rotors and wow your customers with the printed rotor report at the end of each job that verifies the vehicle is within specification and ready to accept the new friction material.

Our premier package includes the following: