ArcticPRO ACX2250

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ArcticPRO® ACX2250 R1234yf Refrigerant Handling System



  • 7" capacitive touch LCD display, and intuitive user interface.
  • Economical. Long-life pump functionality that performs a self-cleaning process reducing maintenance.
  • Hybrid Function. Designed for servicing all passenger cars and hybrid vehicles.
  • Automatic Software Updates - Permanent wireless software updates, ensuring you always have the latest features.
  • Best In Class Serviceability. New ergonomic hinged service door simplifies unit service.
  • Remote Support for Technicians - Allows MAHLE to connect to a unit over WiFi for troubleshooting and advanced support.
  • Data Management & Reporting Metrics. Ability to log and monitor services allowing analytics for proactive service reminders, refrigerant use optimization, warranty reporting.
  • Non-Integrated Refrigerant Identifier. Prevents contamination of machine internals by using a third hose and coupler for sampling.
  • Customer Service. Every unit is built to be easily repaired by the owner and we proudly offer nationwide service centers and lifetime phone support coverage and a two year standard warranty.