CAR-O-LINER CMI300 Trio Pulse Boost Welder

USD $11,369.00


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FREE Wire Roller Feed Kit (200-CAR7390054) and 4m Twist Torch (200-CARNA90584) with purchase of CMI300 Trio Pulse Boost Welder (200-CARNA90573) - over $900 Value!


The CMI™300 Trio Pulse Boost MIG Welder is used for all welding applications, including aluminum, steels, and MIG brazing (silicone bronze) for high strength steel. The CMI300 Trio is equipped with a 4-wheel wire feeding system, which provides steady, reliable feed for aluminum wire.

All Car-O-Liner CMI™300 welders come with the 4 meter (13.5’) MIG-A Twist torch/welding guns, allowing technicians to reach hard to reach areas and has a maximum amperage of 300 Amps.

The welders can operate in single phase or three phase through automatic recognition and are extremely easy to use with presets for different materials and thickness. Turn it on, press the button, and weld!

Note: Torches and wire kits are sold separately



  • Double pulse ensures precise control of the arc and minimizes weld spatter.
  • Four-roll wire system for stable wire feeding.
  • Tacho control of wire motor for ultra precise feeding.
  • LED light in the wire console for easy change of wire and wire rolls in low light environment.
  • Soft-key control panel with color display and intuitive icon-based menu.
  • Arc adjust function for precision adjustment between soft and hard arc.
  • Software update via SD car.



Weight approx. 108 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 40x17x33 inch