Battery Service-12 Volt


Intellamatic Smart Wheel Charger Power Supply

USD $1,265.00

Associated Equipment Corp.
Made In The USA

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  • Simply the most advance battery charger/power supply available today.
  • 12V, 70/60A Output, 270A boost assist.
  • 70A Re-Flash power supply
  • Large back-lit digital display with audible messaging
  • Safe for all battery types including standard SLA, AGM, Enhanced Flooded, Lithium Ion, and Gel-Cells.
  • Adjustable charging voltage and amperage to accommodate new requirements from battery and vehicle manufactures.
  • Adjustable re-flash voltage required by several OEMs.



    • Intelligent 70/60A adjustable voltage charger in all battery type modes.
    • 70A Clean Power Supply With Adjustable Voltage in .1V Increments from 12-5 to 14.8V.
    • Safe for all battery types including SLA, AGM, Enhance Flooded, Lithium Ion, and Gel Cells.
    • 270A boost Assist.
    • Large back lit digital display with three language options English, Spanish, French, with audible messaging.
    • Polarity indicated and protected with over charge protection.
    • Safe in any weather operation for indoor outdoor use.
    • 20A built in memory saver port with 12ft memory saver cable and battery terminal covers.
    • 3-year limited warranty.
    • Made in USA.



    Weight approx. 49 lbs
    Power supply 110V, up to 13A V/Hz/A
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 18 x 16 x 30 inch